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"Little Bali"  -  Testimony shared by YJ Chang
Link : http://www.ynz214.com/2015/03/rina-balinese-resort_23.html

Testimony shared by  YJChang

"A Taste of Bali in Malaysia"

Testimony shared by Monique De Jesus (Philippines )
A Taste of Bali in Malaysia
Being a massage addict, I was so excited when we were told we are going to Malaysia for some spa pampering. From Singapore (view blog post of the Singapore trip), Johor Bahru, Malaysia is just 2 hours away by land. That's our destination on our third day in Singapore. As we arrived Johor Bahru, we had a seafood feast lunch in Restoran Todak (blog post soon), and then we went to Rina Balinese Resort for a day of relaxation in this Bali-inspired spa farm.

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Testimony 1
Testimony shared by YanaMohamed (Singapore)
"Balinese Country Experience that could leave you dazzled & astounded!!!

My 2gfs and I had stayed in RBR for our short getaway last weekend. And for CIty Folks like us, we were mesmerized with the concept of the resort. Never in my life has I ever thought that I will ever experience the chill morning breeze in a place that is called RESORT!!! Just imagine waking up in the morning, opening the door, and having chill breeze kissing your skin... *Priceless experience* For once I wish the clock would stop ticking till I've enough of the morning breeze!!!

Our accommodation (Executive Suite) was gorgeous!!! Though it has a Balinese touch, the suite resembled those European Countryside Cottage House, and the only thing that was missing was a fireplace! Otherwise, it could pass as those Countryside Cottage House that you often seen in the movies...

Food wise, there were simple, however tasty!!! Of course when you stayed in a place that is close to nature, you definitely will not be expecting a spread of American breakfast like those in City Hotels. Though, simple, you just got to trust me that there were superly finger licking!!! I love the pumpkin soup and never have enough of it. I asked my mum to cook the pumpkin soup today, however, it just do not taste the same!!! *the fragrant of the soup was such a killer*

Another unforgettable experience was the massage session. We had our massage at about 8.30pm. Just imagine closing your eyes, and listening to the rhythm of the night while enjoying the pampering that was inflicted on your body, Yup... The rhythm of the night... *Just close your eyes and imagine listening to the sound of insects and crickets crashing the silent of the night, while your knotty vein was being ironed!!! Isnt that amazing???*

Awesome!!! Fascinating!!! Incredible!!! Marvelous!!! Prodigious!!! Stunning!!! Unbelievable!!! ~ That's how I will describe the resort and my list could just go on if I were to continue...

Location wise though it was not near to the City, it is not difficult at all! Once you have passed "Sekolah Agama Hidayah" you just need to look out for the stone signage 'Senai 10'. Once you saw 'Senai 10', turn left and just follow the path and in no time, you will reach Rina Balinese Resort!!! It's that simple. Trust me...

At the moment, the resort has yet to open their main gate to the public as there have yet to have their Official Opening (next yr-official opening). Thus, try not to walk in and do make advance appointment instead. Im in love with the resort and will definite return after its official opening or during the fruit season!!!

If you were to ask what I like best and least about the resort, I would say, i love everything about the resort. But definitely how perfect a place is, there is always room for improvement. Probably in future when I returned, there will be more variety of finger licking food as well as entertainment to welcome me... A small bar with great music to laze around in the middle of the night do sound good ya...

So peepzzz, do not forget to consider RBR as your getaway destination ya... Your stay will definitely an experience that you can't obtain elsewhere... ~ Balinese Country Experience that is close to nature on Malaysia soil...




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